Sliding into summer

Welcome everyone! It is almost summertime now and many of you might be excited for what the sunshine will bring. Some of us might have plans for vacations or road trips, some of us might just be stuck at home and hanging out. There is no right or wrong though! 
For myself I’m actually going on a trip to Japan! I’m very excited and I’ll be there to visit someone, but I don’t usually get to travel much so I feel very fortunate to be doing so, and look forward to it. For many Canadians they fly south to vacation in Mexico, which is where I’m originally from myself. Though I wish I would be going to a nice sunny beach somewhere, I’m thankful and ecstatic to be visiting somewhere with many cool things to do and places to see! But remember whether you are travelling or staying at home for the most part this summer to look after your mental health. Below are a few different links and resources or apps/ articles that you might find helpful to use! 
How to be kind to yourself: 10 ways to cultivate self-kindness
How can I take care of my mental health?
The Best Mental Health Apps to Use in 2024
How can I take care of my mental health?
We all have mental health
Would you know how to be there?
We don’t talk about mental health enough in society and in our daily lives, so it is really important to look after ourselves and connect to each other, to have self-care and self-kindness even if it’s hard. I’ve been going through a hard time lately but I’m still very grateful for the days that are easier, I usually struggle with Anxiety and Depression but lately have been experiencing something called Somatic OCD and it’s very uncomfortable! But I hope to get better at managing it for sure, and thankfully have some good resources to reach out to.  
Finding resources can sadly be harder as a young adult or older adult as many are geared towards youth, but don’t be discouraged because it is improving. I hope some of these resources help! I am still a fairly new mental health advocate but I hope to get better at it and at updating this website or providing a sense of awareness and support as a friend or someone who has lived experience. I am just on my way back, returning from an Inclusion BC conference at Nanaimo! It’s been such an exciting conference and great people and laughs had there while learning along all the wonderful workshops and info booths. I look forward to many more fun events and growth opportunities and I recommend it to anyone looking to become an advocate or help mental health stigma, diverse abilities, developmental or intellectual abilities and so on forth! Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great Summer this year 2024! 
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